On Saturday 25 of March was the tenth Measurecamp in London: a non-profit event, run by volunteers and aimed to share knowledge and experiences in web analytics. Deserves a big big applause, congratulations organising crew!!

It’s been a great MeasureCamp! and I can’t help sharing with you the most remarkable sessions I attended

Why conversion is the wrong metric when measuring Search

Angel MaldonadoEmpathy Broker

New approach to internal search.

Refine search is a good or bad signal: it depends on what is the objective of the search. Is the user just being curious and looking around or wants to find and buy a specific product?

Here, you can compare the search box to a shop assistant, just can help you to find the jackets section or find THE sport light grey size 42 jacket you already have in mind  and want to buy in the less time and trouble possible.

So it’s not about to have a conversion, it’s about people feeling better, giving them a good experience.

The person that’s searching is just being curious or has a commitment, a purpose?

There’s a need to separate one group from the other as we can’t measure them equally: we have to segment by expectation. The user has the expectation to buy or the expectation to know

Some clues about if the visitor belongs to one or another segment:

Empathy Broker is running a User Test to identify accurately both behaviors, you can participate here:  Search Contest; it only will took a few minutes and your help will be very appreciated, and also you can win a weekend in Barcelona!!

Mobile Patterns for Conversion

Craig Sullivan  @OptimiseOrDie

Craig run a funny session and fast session with a lot of stuff and slides that you can find in

and talked us about how important brands as British Airways give a really bad experience in mobile with issues like a hidden OK button impossible to click or a feedback survey which only option you can see is ‘No thanks’

An experience is as good as its craping part. There a lot of bugs in mobile ecommerce, some of them very simple or quick to fix and with enormous positive ROI back

Craig also talked about AB testing, shared 10 power-ups, among others, convinced us that copying the competition tests isn’t a good idea (because as Peep Laja says: “they may no know what the f*** are doing either”).

Then went very fast through 11 Optimisation power-ups, all slides plenty of useful tools you can find in the presentation and that’s going to take me a while to try.

And two sentences to end the session:

Order doesn’t come by itself

It’s difficult to solve a problem you don’t understand

Loved that session it gave me lots of work: processes to improve, tools to discover and assumptions to question. Thank you Craig!

Morphing GA into an Affiliate Analytics Monster

Phil Pearce @philpearce

Phil presented an interesting case of an analytics experiment that achieved turning 23% of Direct traffic to 9% and positive identify and separate Affiliates traffic.

So, you may think, why such a complication if you can utm-tag the link for each affiliate? Because most of them are missing!! (Affiliates don’t care about measuring, they care most for their commission).

Phil run the experiment in a different GA account and used a _ga2 cookie. Also had other different details: setSource utm field rather than setLocation, sessions setting changed to 30 days, declare ga2 object and ga2 cookie, … (and other things that I didn’t completely understand).

What matters to me, as I don’t code (..yet- that’s for Simo’s mission) is the wins of such implementation, not only have sensible lower Direct Traffic, but also that’s all done in GTM and saves to email Affiliates re-tag links.

This slightly mad Analytics Scientist always shares a lot of useful stuff: the presentation, the demo, the GTM container and a ‘Generic’ GTM Developer Guide all in: https://es.slideshare.net/phildpearce/morphing-ga-into-an-affiliate-analytics-monster

Simo’s Top 30 GTM Tips

Simo Ahava @simoahava

Simo was capable of share 30 GTM tips in less then 30 minutes. Those tips were a selection from his post https://www.simoahava.com/analytics/100-google-tag-manager-learnings/.

I’m sorry but I wasn’t able to take interesting notes at such speed!!

Live Grid Optimisation

Craig Sullivan @OptimizeOrDie

Pieter Baecke and Craig Sullivan introduce us their tool, made with lots on love and aiming to make web analysts life easier. Profit Grid is an online tool that quickly shows you across multiple browsers, Operation Systems and devices a bunch of essential metrics. What I find extraordinary helpful is the funnel builder where you can select for each step pageviews, segments, events and Regex. This is is impossible to do in GA and very laborious and time consuming with other tools like Supermetrics.

5×5 by Ste Hughes + Dan + Tahlor + Montse +

For those that have something to say but won’t fill the 25 minutes of a session, have the chance share one and to speak for 5 minutes. We listen to   among others.

This is a free event thanks to sponsors:

Measurecamp London X

After 10 editions, there’s going to be a few changes in the organising comiteee As «alma mater» and booster of the event, is going to be odd not having Peter in the presentation and closing sessions, right now when I start to understand his English and his jokes!!!  XD

This was my 4th London Measurecamp and I want to thank you and congratulate the London Measurecamp Crew for those 10 editions. Looking forward 10 more!!